Incredible Asteroids

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Greek goddesses pondering your chart. (1891, artist unknown)

From Sirius 3.0, best-in-class astrology software, this report explores more than 1,400 asteroids—named for major cultural and spiritual figures, goddesses and gods, places and ideas—to find those conjunct or opposite important points in a natal chart. 

There are many reports out there. (I know: I’ve spent good money on a lot of them!) I offer this one because I truly love it—it’s unique and compiles a ton of research for you that would be incredibly difficult to do on your own. Who has time to look up 1,400 asteroids? And the results are super interesting, fun, and insightful. You’ll seriously be amazed at what the universe precisely reveals at birth.

I currently offer this report at a very affordable price. By ordering, you help support my writing on this site while getting a taste of the wonders of the universe in your own chart. Want a sense of what you’ll receive? Check out a sample report for leading presidential candidate Kamala Harris here (pdf).

Request the report for yourself, loved ones, a business, or an event time. (Exact birth time recommended.) At ~70 insightful, absorbing pages, it is a treasure trove of insight and cosmic synchronicity that will change the way you think about yourself, and quite possibly the universe!

I am happy to work with the asteroids in a chart reading. To set up a consultation, you can easily book here.


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