Astrologers worth supporting

Although not a complete list, these are a few astrologers I regularly read at the moment. They’re all practicing admirable, insightful astrology.

I encourage anyone who’s interested in learning more about advanced astrology to give them each a look, or simply pick one who resonates.

  • Nadiya Shah: a generous presence who never fails to see the positive in the universe and planetary transits. No astrology of fear here.
  • Timothy Halloran: particularly attuned to trauma/PTSD and mental health, unusually so among astrologers. His insights on current transits in relation to these factors may be very helpful for those on a healing journey. He’s quite conscious of challenging outworn concepts tied to patriarchy and exploring a new paradigm of gender, which I respect.
  • Steven Forrest: the original model for enlightened, person-centered astrology. A wonderfully compassionate writer and thinker.
  • Dawn Bogrodi: my former teacher. Sadly, Dawn passed on in 2017 after living for years with undiagnosed Lyme. Her writing is some of the best on astrology I have ever encountered—virtually Shakespearean in its lyricism and appreciation of the pathos and drama of human existence, and equally thoroughly Jungian. I feel very fortunate to have studied with her.  She was a wonderful mentor and teacher.
  • David Cochrane: with his encyclopedic knowledge and sense of humor, he’s a pleasure to listen to. Cochrane is the lead programmer for one of the most advanced astrological software programs now available (Sirius/Kepler).


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May 2021

Astrologers worth supporting