Confirmation sent via email upon scheduling

Session with me

Natal session


Wondering what your birth chart reveals? This session is ideal if you’re new to astrology or want to better understand your natal chart.

Session with me

overview of the moment


This session will give you an overview of upcoming transits along with a look at your natal chart.

Session with me

In Depth consult


This session is ideal for more complex questions.

Frequently asked

All your questions answered

What information do I need to schedule?

Birth place, birth date, and birth time (to the minute, if you know it—see the question at right). It’s also helpful to know if you have specific areas you’d like to look at, and there is an area in the booking app to indicate any questions you’d like to center.

Do I need a birth time?

Yes, and no. Your consultation will be more accurate if we have a birth time. But there’s still quite a bit we can discern without one. 

Where does a consultation take place?

Remote sessions are conducted via phone or video chat. Under current Covid-19 conditions, all consultations are virtual. In-person consultations (when they can resume) take place in Kingston, New York at True Light Academy. 

What is the difference between sessions?

More complex consultations, such as a relationship or asteroid analysis, require more preparation time, which allows me to focus on you and your questions during your session. (You might be amazed at how fast the time flies!)

How do I book a session?

Choose a time that works for you from my online calendar. The booking system will ask for your birth data (date, time, and place), as well as the birth data of other charts you want to look at. Payment is processed via Square or PayPal. Confirmation will be sent to your email after scheduling.

Can I reschedule?

Once payment is received, you are welcome to reschedule at any point up to 24 hours in advance of your appointment time. You can do so using the link in the email confirmation you receive—it accesses my calendar, so it always shows my most up-to-date availability. (I start preparing charts well in advance of a consultation, so if for some reason you really need to reschedule within 24 hours of an appointment, email me.)

Can I create my own session?

Yes indeed. We can design a consultation around you in a session as short as half an hour or as long as two hours. Perhaps you’d like to look at your family’s charts, or discuss the possible ramifications of a move or other big decision. Or maybe you’d like to check in on what the upcoming month looks like, or find the best day to schedule an interview. My fee for this is $110 per consultation hour. Simply email me before scheduling to let me know what you’d like to focus on.

What is your background?

After studying astrology at an advanced level for more than 15 years, I began consulting in 2018. Find about more about me here

Do you record the session?

If you choose to do a Zoom session, the audio can also be recorded automagically. However, since Zoom does very occasionally experience glitches, I cannot guarantee a recordingI encourage you to make your own audio backup. Many people find it easiest to use the voice memo app on their mobile phone.

Do you offer sliding scale or reduced rates?

In solidarity with those working to support and further our common good, I offer a 25% discount to people working in social justice and  community and nonprofit organizations. I also offer two sessions per month on a sliding-scale basis (exchange starting at $20) for anyone experiencing financial difficulty: feel free to email me to schedule.

What others are saying

Kris is so knowledgeable and so generous with that knowledge. I’ve been looking for a long time to find skilled interpretation of my progressed chart and transits. Kris did a stellar job! (Pun intended.) I’m so happy to have found her. Good astrologers are very hard to find.
Los Angeles
I'd never done an astrology reading before, but I've always been open to alternative sources of knowledge. Kris did an astrology reading for me at a very pivotal time in my life, when I was undergoing a major career transition. I was amazed at how much the reading aligned with who I am and validated my new career direction—in fact, it was a little eerie how aligned the reading was! The reading reaffirmed me as an individual and reassured me that this professional leap that I am taking, at this particular time, was not only timely but supported by the universe.
Shanna B. Tiayon, PhD