Hi! I'm Kris Journey.

With a 1st house Libra stellium (Juno-Mercury-Mars-Pluto) trined by Jupiter in Gemini from the 9th, I’m a trauma-sensitive feminist committed to fairness and social equality. With a 3rd house Moon conjunct Neptune and Venus on the Ascendant, I’m highly intuitive and attuned to creativity in its myriad forms. As a double Virgo, I’m also a devoted researcher in touch with the practicalities of everyday life.  

I live in the Hudson Valley, where I hike regularly with my lab/Dane mix. 

As a rich symbolic language that connects the cosmos with individual lives and even the fate of countries, astrology encompasses my many loves: philosophy, psychology, mythology, politics, collective life, community, and social change. I studied Western philosophy in college and also have a successful career in publishing with a focus in progressive culture and politics, health, and mental health, all of which make their way into my approach to astrology. 

I began learning astrology from my parents’ large esoteric library when I was a teen (shoutout to Linda Goodman, one of the greats). I’ve since studied astrology at an advanced level for more than 15 years and completed two years of private study with master astrologer and renowned asteroid expert Dawn Bogrodi

I am a member of NCGR, the Association for Young Astrologers, the American Federation of Astrologers, and the International Society for Astrological Research.

I consult in person at True Light Academy in Kingston, New York, regularly with the Roundout Valley Holistic Health community clinic, and via phone and video. During social distancing as a result of Covid-19, all consultations are conducted remotely.

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