The astrology of Brené Brown

Chart study: A look at the astrology of interesting people. Astrologers love looking at charts. We’ll happily talk charts for hours. It’s not only fun,

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Trump’s 2019 and 2020 astrology

Off-the-rails press conferences, subpoena drama, the president sharing on national television that he sees little amiss in accepting political information from foreign actors (even though

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Trump’s natal astrology

  Finding the afflicted feminine in Trump’s chart. Astrologers have offered a number of complex and fascinating takes on this fractious man. Mine focuses on

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Dawn Bogrodi: In memoriam

I found Dawn Bogrodi through her wonderful website, The Inner Wheel. I had been studying astrology for years, following transits in my own life and those

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Astrologers worth supporting

Although not a complete list, these are a few astrologers I regularly read at the moment. They’re all practicing admirable, insightful astrology. I encourage anyone

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The value of astrology

What if who you already are is enough? When I was younger, a friend once said: being able to talk with friends is the best form

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What’s evolutionary astrology?

“The intensification of a person’s self-awareness: in astrology, that is all that matters.” —The Inner Sky How is evolutionary astrology different from sun sign astrology,

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Many astrologers examine only transits—leaving you with an incomplete picture. Progressions are a powerful predictive tool, while the asteroids add depth, nuance, and powerful descriptive abilities.