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Serious astrology: not an oxymoron. Discover what a reading can reveal.

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When an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate.

— C. G. Jung

Astrology is the study of humanity: whatever appears within the incredible diversity of human life — creative or destructive — will show up in the chart. This must be part of why it’s endlessly fascinating.

I began learning about astrology in my teens from my family’s large esoteric library. Over the past twenty years, my knowledge has deepened via self-study and intensive private classes with world-renowned Dawn Bogrodi of The Inner Wheel. among other expert astrologers.

Journeywoman — as in journey-level craftsperson — because “in the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few” (Suzuki). And because, with a Sagittarius moon, I love traveling and learning.

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Evolutionary astrology … recognizes thematic tension as a part of life, but not an immutable one. We can change. We can become more conscious of our own processes. We can alter them for the better. We can, in short, tell our own fortunes.

—Steven Forrest, The Inner Sky



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of stars and asteroids

Initial consult


  • Initial chart analysis
  • Any single question
  • ~30 minutes

overview of the moment


  • Natal chart: major themes
  • Current transits (3-6 months)
  • ~60 minutes

In Depth consult


  • Asteroids, fixed stars
  • Transits, progressions (~12 months)
  • Relationships
  • ~90 minutes

Asteroid report now available

This unique analysis offers an unparalleled cosmic viewpoint! 

More than 1,400 asteroidsnamed for major cultural and spiritual figures, goddesses and gods, places and ideasare explored to find those conjunct or opposite important points in a chart

This remarkable report is a wonderful gift for yourself, friends, or loved ones, as well as a fascinating way to explore the ramifications of a business or event time. These insights come straight from the universe, and you may well treasure them for a lifetime: they reveal unique and special gifts (including some that may have never occurred to you), weaknesses to watch for, and connections to world culture that will collectively strengthen your personal mythology, sense of meaning, and mission in life.   

Order your uniquely personalized report for just $44 here. Need help finding a birth or event time? Send an email. 

Interested in adding this report to a consult? Book an in-depth consult and receive it freeI am happy to share my interpretations of your report in your session. 


Questions? Please feel free to send an emailConsultations take place in the Hudson Valley (two hours from NYC) and via phone or Zoom. Use the links above to bookPayment processed via StripeYounger adults (18 through first Saturn return) and those serving others in some way (teachers, healers, and other often low-paid public service workers): email for a link to schedule at 25 percent off. 

Consultations include preparation time and generally require birth time within about 15 minutes. I can work with unknown birth times, but the reading will not be as detailed (rectification, which takes more time, available on request). Confirmation will be sent to your email immediately after scheduling.  


I live in upstate New York’s Hudson Valley, where I hike regularly with my lab/Dane mixWith a 1st house Libra stellium (Juno-Mercury-Mars-Pluto) trined by Jupiter in Gemini from the 9th, I’m a trauma-sensitive feminist committed to fairness and social equality. With my Sag Moon conjunct Neptune and Venus on my Ascendant, I’m intuitive and attuned to creativity in its many forms. A double Virgo, I’m also a devoted researcher in touch with everyday life. 

As a rich symbolic language that connects the cosmos with individual lives and even the fate of countries, astrology encompasses my deepest loves: philosophy, psychology, mythology, politics, collective life, community, and social change. I also have a successful career in publishing with a focus in health, academia, and progressive politics, all of which make their way into my philosophy of astrology.

A member of NCGR and AYA, I consult at the Roundout Valley Holistic Health clinics in upstate New York.



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