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Astrological intelligence unique to you

The tradition of interpreting the cosmos is an age-old science and esoteric art that, at advanced levels, is far more complex and technical than many realize.

Astrology helps us understand ourselves, our relationships, and how the planetary energies of the time emerge through the patterns of our lives.

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About Kris Journey

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Hi, I'm Kris.

Everyone is unique—and we’re all gifted in our own ways. The universe knows this too! My role is to interpret the stars and planets’ wisdom to help reveal the miracle every one of us represents.

I am a member of NCGR, the International Society for Astrological Research, and the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA). I am certified as a professional astrologer with OPA and serve on the editorial board for its magazine, The Evolving Astrologer.

Learn more about me.

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I help creatives, business owners, and people from all walks of life connect with the insight of the cosmos.

Our consultation focuses on what’s unique about you—letting your interests, questions, and concerns lead the way. Without fail, the birth chart illuminates your unique characteristics and gifts. 

My clients are invariably amazed by the accuracy and insight of what we discover.

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You’ll leave delighted, empowered, and inspired.

What others are saying

Kris’s recommendations are money in the bank; that’s how good she is. Egoless, with good boundaries and a talent for astrology I haven’t seen in almost 40 years, Kris is the real thing. She’s generous in sharing her knowledge with others without imposing her will and her ways on them. I am a High Priestess of the Goddess and have been healing, doing readings, teaching workshops, and writing for over 35 years. It is my honor to recommend Kris Journey.
Kris and I have been working together for years. She's fantastic! As an astrologer, she brings a unique perspective to your reading as she delves deeply into the asteroids and other fundamentally far-out influences. Her sessions include so much information that I revisit them from time to time and receive more aha's every time. Kris has a kind heart and a brilliant mind and is an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend a reading from Journeywoman if you desire a keen look into how the stars are supporting your life, your growth, and your relationships.

You know how people say, “If you’re going through hell, keep going”?

Wouldn’t it be more helpful to know when it ends?

Wandering in the dark? Find your light

This is one of the wonderful gifts of astrology: using transits and other sophisticated predictive tools, we can see what’s going on, what it means within the larger context of your life, and when conditions will subside or improve.

Still, that’s not all an astrological consultation offers.

What would it be like if …

  • You felt validated and confident in your chosen work and life path—knowing the universe supports your choices?
  • You had a deep understanding of your own gifts and skills—what you excel at, in a way no one else can?
  • You had insights into your past and present that help you feel grounded and supported?
  • You had insight and understanding into the continuing themes in your life, whether in relationships or circumstances, that may be tripping you up?
  • You felt empowered to pursue your current goals, knowing the energies of the time support them?
  • You had deep clarity about important relationships in your life—with your friends, family, employers, or employees?
  • You had an expert available to help you explore and interpret the insights of the cosmos for any upcoming goal, project, relationship, or time period?

My consultations are a fit for you if you are...

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  • Curious what your chart reveals about you and your unique gifts
  • Seeking greater understanding of your current circumstances or a richer sense of purpose
  • Feeling “stuck,” overwhelmed, or in the midst of a rough patch and want to know how to move forward—and when this feeling will subside (it will!)
  • Searching for the insight astrology offers about important relationships in your life—whether your parents, children, partner, next week’s date, or your friends, boss, or employees—and where things are going
  • Planning a big move, whether in career or at home, and wondering what the cosmos reflects, or whether it’s the right time

Come to me for the cosmic lowdown.

What others are saying

Kris Journey has been a valued practitioner at the Holistic Health Community since joining us a few years ago. We consider astrological consultation deeply aligned with well-being, and Kris’ sessions have been very popular with our clients, who have responded with positive, grateful feedback. Personally, my own sessions with Kris have been extremely valuable, helping to frame my life experience in the wisdom of astrology. Kris’ knowledge of astrology is deep, and she has been an important guide to many of us.
I'd never done an astrology reading before, but I've always been open to alternative sources of knowledge. Kris did an astrology reading for me at a very pivotal time in my life, when I was undergoing a major career transition. I was amazed at how much the reading aligned with who I am and validated my new career direction—in fact, it was a little eerie how aligned the reading was! The reading reaffirmed me as an individual and reassured me that this professional leap that I am taking, at this particular time, was not only timely but supported by the universe.

What you can expect in a session?

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Specific guidance

You’ll walk away from our session with value-packed, intuitive, practical guidance, including specific dates and time periods to be aware of over the near to medium-term future to help you feel prepared and confident for what’s next.

Holistic perspective

I combine elements of holistic, archetypal, humanistic, evolutionary, and goddess astrology to create a session that’s highly supportive of unique and varied identities, POC- and LGBTQ-inclusive, and centered in the now. No fear-based or fatalistic interpretations here.

Insight and healing

I am not a therapist: instead, I consider myself an investigator and interpreter of the cosmos on behalf of clients. At the same time, I use a compassionate, intuitive, trauma-informed approach along with my background in mental health publishing and knowledge of alternative and complementary therapies to provide support as a discreet, sensitive, intuitive adviser.

You can count on feeling
safe and supported.

Cosmic Interpretation

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