The Journeywoman Guide to Astrology

Everything you want to know

The basics of astrology and astrological charts are immutable, and they’re not difficult to grasp. 

I hope the guide below can serve as a helpful introduction to the fascinating world of astrology, an esoteric art and science that was held in the same esteem as philosophy until fairly recently, relative to the timeline of human history, and has roots in virtually every cultural tradition in the world. 

All the Things

Browse key concepts in astrology and ask your questions here.

Check back often for updates—more fun and fascinating learning tools coming soon.

The Modalities

Fixed, Mutable, Cardinal—key groupings that reflect orientation toward the world and experience. Coming soon.

The Personal Planets

Mercury, Mars, Venus: read about the inner planets' ties to personality. Coming soon.

Recommended reading

Check out my favorite books, from beginner to advanced. Coming soon.

The Elements

Earth, Air, Fire, and Water—key groupings that reflect orientation toward the world and experience. Coming soon.

The Outer Planets

Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto: learn their ties to personality and generational patterns. Coming soon.

The angles

AC, DC, IC, MC—the angles of a chart are highly significant. Learn about them here. Coming soon.

The Aspects

Read about aspects between points and planets, an intermediate step in chart interpretation. Coming soon.

Curious about your chart?

Explore your astrology with a professional

I offer several consultations:

  • A getting-to-know-your-chart session is ideal if you’re new to astrology and curious about what your chart reveals.
  • In our overview of the moment session, discover the nature of the present time using transits and other powerful predictive tools—and be prepared for what’s ahead.
  • An in-depth session may explore a relationship or advanced predictive techniques, such as progressions, solar arcs, or lunations. This session can also be aligned to any other questions you have, allowing time to delve into the wonderful insights astrology offers.