The signs

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The Zodiac Signs

The signs

The 12 signs of the zodiac represent varying archetypal energies, while each planet and point in a chart (house cusp, angle, Vertex, Part of Fortune, etc.) takes on the energy of the sign it falls in.

Sometimes, people don’t resonate with their Sun sign. That’s generally because they have prominent placements in other signs—and why it’s so important to look at the whole chart. If you’re just getting to know your chart, I suggest starting with the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant combo. 

Note that the dates of each Sun sign are approximate. For example, the Sun moves into Aquarius each year around January 20 to 21. If you were born on that cusp, where your Sun is could vary based on the hour of your birth.

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I offer several consultations:

  • A getting-to-know-your-chart session is ideal if you’re new to astrology and curious about what your chart reveals.
  • In our overview of the moment session, discover the present time using transits and other highly insightful predictive tools.
  • An in-depth session can explore a relationship, advanced predictive techniques, or be tailored to any other questions you may have, and allows time to delve into the wonderful insights astrology offers.