Trump’s 2019 and 2020 astrology

He's under pressure, and it shows.

Off-the-rails press conferences, subpoena drama, the president sharing on national television that he sees little amiss in accepting political information from foreign actors (even though it’s a felony): it’s been a wild few weeks, even in Trump world.

What’s happening astrologically? A whole lot, it turns out. It’s not an exaggeration to say that, as of this spring, this hypersensitive figure is experiencing several of the most grueling transits it’s possible to have. Several of them. All at once. While it’s never appropriate to wish harm, this could mean good news for those in the resistance, for once.

My take: the next few years could hold real challenges for a man who has long seemed to wriggle out of consequences. Look for action from Congress or a shift of similar proportions starting in July, escalating around August, and continuing through the end of this year, if not the next few years. For the details, read on.

Trump’s progressions in 2019

Progressions can be remarkable timing indicators, particularly when aspects become exact—and Trump’s progressions are highly active over the next several years. The most striking: he’s about to encounter a progressed Venus-Chiron conjunction. Venus-Chiron aspects tend to land where we’re most vulnerable: right on deep wounds. For this man, this could affect his ego, sense of being unlovable, and public image.

On August 14, 2019, progressed Venus and Chiron will reach a 1-degree orb in Trump’s progressed 12th house, falling in his natal 2nd house. It may be that the charges and investigations swirling around him will finally settle on financial issues: his refusal to release his taxes, perhaps, or charges of profiting off the presidency or paying off paramours. The conjunction remains in effect until October 2021.

Trump’s transits in 2019

Jupiter, now transiting Sagittarius, is opposing Trump’s Sun, close to his 4th house Moon, and squaring his natal Saturn for much of this year. He may be ready to do “very big” things (Sun-Jupiter) and be very worked up emotionally (Moon-Jupiter) over what’s happening (4th house)—but the square to Saturn will likely see him forced to temper ambitions.

A newly emboldened Congress is certainly playing a role in that. Congress went into session January 3, 2019, just as Saturn conjoined Trump’s natal Pallas: the mocking standing ovation its historic influx of women gave in response to his State of the Union address must have stung his sense of intelligence.

From mid-January to mid-February this year, Saturn moved to square Trump’s natal 2nd house Chiron. Saturn square Chiron could feel like a bit like hitting a brick wall at high speed: like Venus-Chiron, this one can really hurt. No doubt, the new Congress has hit the brakes on his goals.

The square to Chiron was exact on January 31, just as transiting Vesta conjoined Trump’s natal Descendant and Part of Fortune. His advisor Roger Stone had just been indicted the week before, pleading not guilty to charges filed by Mueller’s soon-to-conclude investigation. In an indication of devotion (Vesta) influencing fortune, Stone kept his oath never to testify against Trump. By March 2, the Saturn-Chiron square was out of 2-degree orb.

It will be back. In July, Saturn’s retrograde will return to the square with Trump’s Chiron, becoming exact for a second time on August 12, when a transiting Mars-Juno conjunction will also conjoin his natal Mars. (More on Juno, which is prominent for Trump this year, below.) By August 21, transiting Vesta—which can represent both a physical home and what we’re most devoted to—will conjoin his MC. Home as it relates to profession, as well as how Trump and his achievements are perceived in the world, will likely be emphasized.

The square from Saturn to Chiron is then again exact on October 23 and remains under 2 degrees through November 19. Look for what are likely to be highly stressful, frustrating events for him during this time. Transiting Vesta, meanwhile, as a result of its own retrograde, will return to his Midheaven on March 3, 2020.

But wait—there’s more. Transiting Pluto also began opposing Trump’s natal Saturn (at 23 degrees Cap) in early February this year, and will remain in orb through 2021. This is another brick wall, to put it mildly. He’ll get a bit of a breather on this as Pluto recedes via retrograde (out of 2-degree orb as of July 17), but it will return on December 13, then join with Saturn in a heavy conjunction at 22 degrees Capricorn to oppose his Pluto in January 2020. The opposition becomes exact on February 13, 2020, and—due to another retrograde—will perfect again on July 12, 2020. This once-in-a-lifetime aspect remains in orb until February 2021.

Meanwhile, transiting Pluto will also be hovering near his natal Vertex, at 22 degrees Capricorn, over the coming year or so. The Vertex, sometimes called “the fifth angle” in the chart, can represent important relationships and turning points. Trump’s natal Vertex opposite Venus-Saturn may help explain the steadfast loyalty he’s long engendered from associates. Pluto on this important point, however, suggests his luck in relationships could be changing. At the first pass this year, on March 21, Trump ignited ire even among Republicans for smearing the late John McCain.

Pluto exactly conjoined his Vertex for the second time on May 29. The following day, Mueller issued his only public statement to date, making it clear his investigation had not exonerated the president. Calls to impeach have since increased significantly. At each exact Pluto pass here, Trump may see his support further erode. The next visit will be January 14, 2020, when Pluto will also conjoin Saturn and Ceres. Other dates for this conjunction in 2020: August 23 and November 12. (On election day, November 3, interestingly, the transiting Part of Fortune will join Pluto there; by November 12, Jupiter and Pallas will join Pluto in conjoining his Vertex and opposing Saturn.)

Meanwhile, Trump’s solar return—Friday, June 14, was his birthday—has Mars opposing Saturn, never a good sign for trying to get things accomplished. Solar return Chiron also conjoins his natal Eris (at 1 degree) and is within 10 minutes of an exact opposition to Neptune. Transiting Chiron has been opposing natal Neptune since mid-May and will remain in orb through mid-September this year. He may see his illusions (Neptune) wounded (Chiron), while his ability to fight (Eris, Mars) is debilitated (Chiron, Saturn). Chiron will return to oppose Neptune again from mid-March to Mid-April 2020 as well as October 2020 through January 2021. All look to be key times.

Will justice finally catch up?

Trump’s progressed Part of Fortune has been on a remarkable journey over the past year or so, as it’s passed significant points in his progressed and natal charts. It’s now traveling through his progressed 12th house, which aspects his natal 2nd and 3rd houses. On March 28, 2018, for example, the Part of Fortune conjoined progressed Mars a week after Congress passed a budget without funding for a border wall. The progressed Moon also conjoined Pluto at the time, and indeed Trump has seemed to become nearly obsessed with getting “his” wall. In 2019, he forced a long government shutdown over the issue.

The Part of Fortune continues its fateful march through his progressed chart, as we’ll see—but let’s get back to that Venus-Chiron conjunction. The last time Venus-Chiron appeared for Trump: 2015, when he declared his candidacy for president. As progressed Venus moved into 1-degree orb conjunction with his natal Juno-Chiron in January of that year, he had a talk about his intentions with Newt Gingrich. In mid-June, he announced a candidacy that was never taken seriously and became the laughingstock of the election cycle (all very Venus-Chiron) … until he won.

Progressed Venus was exactly conjunct his natal Juno-Chiron in December 2015—the day after the fifth Republican debate, when opponents landed some widely noted jabs. The aspect didn’t leave orb until January 2017, well after the election. Progressed Venus then conjoined his natal Jupiter, only to leave orb in May 2019. The good times, such as they were, look to be over.

On April 5, 2019, the progressed Moon moved to conjoin Trump’s natal Mars, as the progressed Part of Fortune exactly conjoined his progressed Jupiter. That day, he accused Democrats of the “worst presidential harassment ever” when he was sued by Congress to prevent his use of emergency money to fund a border wall. The House simultaneously issued subpoenas for his tax returns and the release of the full Mueller report.

Judging by this pattern, watch for similar key events in July. On July 5, the progressed Part of Fortune will exactly conjoin progressed Juno. In mid-July of this year, transiting Juno will also conjoin Trump’s natal Pluto (July 10-14), followed immediately by transiting Mars (July 16-19). Juno will then link arms with Mars in the sky through July and early August until both reach Trump’s natal Mars and Ascendant on August 18. Another suggestion that whatever happens then will change his public image: on September 4, 2019, progressed Uranus will move into a semisquare to Trump’s progressed MC, remaining in orb through December 2021.

Could the goddess of justice finally catch up to him? Dawn Bogrodi has noted that Juno—associated with justice, equality of women, and protecting the state and community—is often prominent in the charts of those committed to leveling the playing field. With Trump’s natal Juno conjunct Chiron, fairness may actually feel like wounding to his massive ego. As a result, Juno’s prominence by transit and progression could mean justice coming to him.

A New Chapter: A Progressed New Moon

In August, Trump’s progressed Sun and Moon will meet in his progressed 10th house—a major life event, in astrological terms. They will be, at roughly 3 degrees of Virgo, close to his natal Ascendant—while that progressed Sun-Moon will also loosely semi-square his progressed Venus-Chiron. The progressed Sun and Moon will exactly conjoin September 16-17 before the Moon passes the Sun. To top it off, at the exact same time, the progressed Part of Fortune will conjoin Trump’s progressed Ascendant—at a single-minute conjunction—and progressed Venus-Chiron will have moved into orb.

Times of triumph are possible with the progressed New Moon. But it can also be a time of destabilization, if not disintegration—a lifetime high, or a nadir. “The Progressed New Moon is like a transit over the IC,” Frédérique Boele writes in The Mountain Astrologer. “This phase often means we have to move and establish new roots somewhere else. More often however, there is a distinct movement towards home. As we retreat from the world, we seek a safe place to hibernate or weather the crisis.”

I’d also suggest emotions can cloud the personality/ego at the progressed New Moon. It’s important to be circumspect here, but this could be an extremely emotional time for a man who is already known to be chaotic emotionally. What’s happening at this time could have a marked effect on how he’s seen in the world (the natal Ascendant)—and, with progressed Venus also conjunct Chiron, it could be quite painful for him.

The December 2020 eclipse

The years of 2020 and beyond are marked by weighty astrological weather, for the country as well as, possibly, Trump. They’re a topic for another day. For now, one moment stands out: the December 2020 total solar eclipse will fall in Trump’s natal 4th house, conjoining his Moon and opposing his Sun, just as Pluto’s opposition to his Saturn perfects (10-minute orb at the time of the eclipse).

When an eclipse—already a super-powered astral event—touches a personal planet, or in this case both Trump’s Sun and Moon, changes are likely. April Elliot Kent says of this placement: “When eclipses aspect the natal Moon, something—a new living situation, a change in health—may leave you feeling as exposed as a crab with her shell cracked open.” At the time of the eclipse, the transiting Vertex will conjoin transiting Vesta in Trump’s 1st house, suggesting some kind of change in home (Vesta) that affects his identity (1st house). The transiting Part of Fortune will also conjoin his natal Part of Fortune.

What Trump is now, or will soon be, facing are some of the most weighty astrological signatures of a lifetime. Yet, while he’ll undoubtedly face serious opposition and condemnation—we don’t necessarily need astrology to forecast that one—it’s unclear to me that he’ll leave the White House before December 2020, if only because of the political calculus. While it may succeed in the House, impeachment almost certainly won’t pass the Senate in the current political environment, which is also probably why Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been holding back. Over the summer, though, new evidence may appear, or Congress may tackle this issue in some newly creative way. If they don’t, the opportunity will likely pass: the politics of the election cycle could take over.

By September 17, 2020, progressed Venus and Chiron will exactly conjoin in Trump’s progressed 12th house, while the progressed Moon also nearly exactly squares the progressed nodes. With the progressed Moon also moving into his 11th house as of February 2020, it may be time for The Donald to play golf again … oh, but wait: transiting Saturn will soon move to oppose his natal Pluto, perfecting for the first time on March 21, 2021, meaning he’s in line for a double dose of Saturn-Pluto opposition.

Given the long arc of justice, it may take time to see the full results of what plays out over the next few years. Should he win reelection, some astrologers have suggested he won’t make it through a second term. That’s a plausible scenario, too. No matter what happens, it’s clear they won’t be easy for him.

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