The astrology of Kamala Harris: Destined for greatness?

As the Democratic presidential field narrows, it’s time to look at the charts of the frontrunners.

Kamala Harris, now a U.S. senator from California, is a standout figure among the current field. The second African American woman ever elected to Congress, she’s a Libra Sun with an Aries Moon and Gemini Ascendant, suggesting a smart, graceful leader.

Her Pisces Midheaven is a bit of surprise, given her prosecutorial prowess—it’s a sign we’d normally consider quite sensitive, if not artistic. Yet there is a ton of power in her chart.

The Atlantic describes her as “graciously, militarily on point”—and indeed there is a sense of steely resolve and strength in her outward presentation that is ever present. Saturn and Vesta spanning her MC would be the first explanation of that resolve, discipline, and drive. (More on this below.)

There are other indications of high achievement in her chart. The most prominent are the North Node on her AC and the Part of Fortune on her Descendent. The North Node here can suggest unusually high achievement: JFK Jr. and Nelson Mandela—along with Spiro Agnew, Richard Nixon’s disgraced VP preceding Gerald Ford—all had the North Node on the Ascendant. The significance of the first two figures might suggest, in fact, historic high office for Ms. Harris.

She also has a “kite” pattern in her chart—a variation on a grand trine (involving her North Node-Ascendant, Saturn, and Sun-Mercury conjunction) that suggests high motivation and determination. The focal point of the kite is her Moon, which directly opposes her Sun, again emphasizing that sensitivity to emotion will always play a strong role in her activities.

Harris has received criticism for not being as progressive a prosecutor as some might prefer. With Chiron in her 10th house, however, pushing her to make healing from deep wounds part of her work in the world, I’d say her sympathies for reform are genuine. A powerhouse Venus-Pluto-Uranus conjunction in her Virgo 4th house opposes that Chiron—another sign she’ll be a reformer, a transformer (Pluto-Uranus). With Venus joining that pack, her efforts to change will generally be welcomed rather than feared.

Vesta and Saturn spanning her Pisces Midheaven support this interpretation and direction: whatever she does, she’ll be extremely dedicated to it (Vesta)—as well as tough, disciplined, and formidable (Saturn). Indeed this Saturn-Vesta-MC is one of the most powerful elements of her chart.

Her Sun in Libra conjunct Mercury in Scorpio continues the theme of grace and steel—Mercury in Scorpio is perhaps the ideal combination for a prosecutor or investigator, while the Libra Sun will smooth the assertiveness the job demands—and that is still frequently judged harshly in women, often at an unconscious level. The viral footage of Harris grilling (and it’s telling the press frequently used that word) powerful members of Congress is remarkable for showcasing exactly these traits: a penetrating (Scorpio) relentlessness (Saturn-Vesta) punctuated by a smile (Libra). A Leo Mars in her 3rd house also makes her comfortable communicating as a leader.

Juno conjunct Pallas in the 6th house of service in Sagittarius is another fascinating combination. Juno—an asteroid associated with fairness and protection of the community—combined with Pallas, who represents wisdom and strategy combined with warriorship, is again perhaps an ideal match for a lawmaker. She’ll be wise about justice, fair in its application, and driven to use these skills in service (6th house) to broader principles (Sagittarius).

Jupiter in her 12th house continues the themes of working with institutions (in her case, the prison system) as well as the public, since a strong 12th house can indicate renown. One note of caution: while Jupiter at 24 Taurus adds to the solid, reliable earth-sign vibe she presents, that Jupiter also squares Saturn. Her innate drive for growth may be in tension with her instinct to move slowly and cautiously. Saturn more widely opposes Mars as well (at a 7-degree orb). Both Saturn aspects suggest formidable strength combined with a caution that, for better or worse, is in line with the Democratic party’s current razor’s edge balance between centrist and progressive.

Does that mean she’ll garner enough support from both wings of the party to win the nomination?

It’s still too early to prognosticate, tempting as it may be. But there are strong suggestions of excitement and enthusiasm relating to career over the next year. To start, Jupiter will be transiting her 7th and 8th houses until the election—a sign of high activity with other people as well as personal transformation.

Her progressions are suggestive also. In her progressed chart, the Sun, Vertex, and South Node are all conjoined within a degree through the election—suggesting to me that she’ll be in the right place at the right time for a role that feels like she was born to it (South Node). The progressed Part of Fortune also conjoins her progressed Mercury at exactly 0 degrees Capricorn—the sign of weighty responsibility—in December 2020 (exact at 0 degrees 21 minutes Dec 12). Her progressed Sun exactly conjoins her natal Part of Fortune at the same time. And in January 2020, her progressed Moon will exactly conjoin progressed Jupiter in her progressed 10th house. With her poll results now dropping, could she be named a VP or cabinet pick in a new administration? A career milestone certainly looks possible, if not likely.

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The astrology of Kamala Harris: Destined for greatness?