The astrology of Kamala Harris: Destined for greatness?

As the Democratic presidential field narrows, it’s time to check out the charts of the frontrunners.

By any measure, Kamala Harris, the Democratic senator from California, is a standout among this election cycle’s candidates. Only the second African American woman ever elected to the U.S. Senate (amazingly), she’s a Libra Sun with an Aries Moon and Gemini Ascendant.

Unlike most of the other candidates, Harris’ birth time is known. Her Midheaven in Pisces—a sign not exactly known for assertiveness—is a bit of a surprise, given her prosecutorial prowess. It’s an interesting twist. Still, a Neptune-ruled MC could certainly reflect a reserve of empathy and help her be comfortable in highly public roles.

As might be expected, there’s also a lot more going on in her chart. Most significantly, Saturn is also on that Midheaven. Joined there by Vesta, these two bodies point to Harris’ prodigious discipline and inclination toward weighty responsibility. She has been described as “graciously, militarily on point,” in what is also a good description of the combined effect of Vesta and Saturn at her MC with her Libran Sun. There’s a sense of steely resolve underlying her gracious outward presentation.

Harris’ Sun in Libra conjunct a Mercury in Scorpio continues the themes of grace and steel. Mercury in Scorpio combined with a Gemini Ascendant is an ideal combination for a prosecutor or investigator, while her Libra Sun will smooth the assertiveness the job demands. The footage of Harris grilling (it’s telling the press frequently used that word) former Attorney General Sen. Jeff Sessions, which went viral in 2017, showcases these traits: a penetrating (Gemini, Scorpio) relentlessness (Saturn-Vesta) punctuated by a smile (Libra). The sputtering AG complained she made him “nervous.” (Check out her questioning Kavanaugh and Barr, too.) She’s a natural at this: her 3rd house Mars in Leo and Aries Moon add to her confidence communicating in leadership roles.

I see this Saturn-Vesta on her Neptunian MC, trined by a Libra Sun, as one of the most powerful combinations in Harris’ chart. In the highly charged environment of American politics, where women are still expected to meet impossible standards, this natural mix of traits should only help her.

There are other markers of high achievement here. The most prominent, to my eye: the North Node conjoining her Ascendant. The North Node in this position may suggest unusual ambition or cultural and political prominence: both JFK Jr. and Nelson Mandela had the same placement (Tom Brady and Spiro Agnew, Nixon’s disgraced VP, also have it). The historic nature of these figures could suggest high office for Harris, particularly in combination with the rest of her chart’s emphasis on leadership. With the Part of Fortune also conjoining her Descendant and opposing that North Node, Harris should be consistently “lucky” in finding partners who support and further her work.

In addition, Harris’ chart has a “kite” pattern—a variation on a grand trine that suggests high drive. Her North Node, Ascendant, Saturn, and Sun-Mercury conjunction are involved. The “focal point” of the kite is her Moon, which exactly opposes her Sun. This Moon again emphasizes that emotion is likely to play a role in her activities. Echoing Vesta (a sign of what we’re most devoted to) on the MC, this position of the Moon emphasizes she’ll be deeply committed to her work, and what she feels strongly about may always be her driving motivation.

Juno conjunct Pallas in Sagittarius, in her 6th house of service and daily life, is another fascinating combination. Juno (associated with justice and protection of the community, among other concepts) combined with Pallas (who represents wisdom and strategy) is a fitting match for a lawmaker. She’ll be wise about justice, fair in its application, and driven to use these skills in practical service to broad, fair-minded principles (Sagittarius).

Though her current campaign proposals go further than her previous policy positions, Harris has received criticism for not being as progressive as many might prefer. With Chiron in her natal 10th house suggesting she’ll make healing wounds or working on behalf of the downtrodden a significant part of her work and career, I’d say her progressive inclinations are genuine. A powerhouse Venus-Pluto-Uranus conjunction in Virgo in her 4th house directly opposes that Chiron—another sign she’ll be a reformer, particularly of prison or rehabilitative systems (Chiron-Pluto), as well as a transformer (Pluto-Uranus). With Venus joining that group, her efforts should largely be appreciated rather than feared. This powerful 4th house, which can represent the nation, or “homeland,” is another dramatic element of her chart. It also reflects her family’s activism: she and her sister, she’s said, were often brought along to demonstrations by their politically active parents.

Meanwhile, benefic Jupiter in Harris’ 12th house also suggests working with institutions as well as the public: a strong 12th house can indicate fame or renown. One note of caution: while her Jupiter in Taurus adds to the solid, reliable vibe she presents, that Jupiter also squares Saturn. Her innate drive for growth may be in tension with her instinct to move slowly. Her Saturn more widely opposing Mars (at a 7-degree orb) also suggests a tendency to work cautiously.

These aspects as a whole suggest strength combined with a cautious pragmatism that, for better or worse, is in line with the Democratic party’s current razor’s edge balance between centrist and progressive. Does that mean she’ll garner enough support from the currently polarized wings of the party to win nomination?

Tempting as it may be, it’s too early to prognosticate. Still, there are solid suggestions of activity and enthusiasm relating to career over the next year or two. To start with, Jupiter will be transiting Harris’ 7th and 8th houses until the election—a sign of high activity with other people while also potentially indicating transformation and relying on other people’s money (8th house issues).

Her progressions are also intriguing. In Harris’ progressed chart, the Sun, Vertex, and South Node are all conjoined within a degree through the election—suggesting to me that she could be in the right place, at the right time, for a role that feels like she was born to it (South Node). The progressed Part of Fortune also conjoins her progressed Mercury at exactly 0 degrees Capricorn—a sign of responsibility and leadership—in December 2020 (exact on December 12). Her progressed Sun will exactly conjoin her natal Part of Fortune at the same time.

In January 2020, her progressed Moon will exactly conjoin progressed Jupiter in her progressed 10th house. With her poll results now dropping, could she be named a running mate or given a role in a new administration? A career milestone certainly looks possible, if not likely.

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The astrology of Kamala Harris: Destined for greatness?

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