The value of astrology

What if who you already are is enough?

When I was younger, a friend once said: being able to talk with friends is the best form of therapy.

I do believe peer counseling can be extremely healing—a Wikipedia link, there, but it gives a good sense of the wide range of contexts for which this kind of support has been proven to help. In particular, I believe the insights—the 360-degree hawk’s eye vision of ourselves, our families and communities, the world—that astrology offers can bring tremendous insight for ourselves and the journey we’re all on in this life.

What I do

As a Virgo, I approach astrological analysis like a researcher, a detective—or, as some have described it, a problem solver. I’ll tell you what’s happening, gently but straight: I can point to what’s in your natal chart, what’s happening in your transits and progressions, and what advanced analyses suggest about a relationship. I thrive on research, as well as helping. And with a Neptune-Moon conjunction, I’m intuitive (sometimes painfully so).

But that Moon-Neptune of mine is in Sagittarius, the sign of a fellow traveler and adventurer—not a water sign. I’m not afraid of the hard stuff (one of the things that differentiates evolutionary astrology), and I’ll tell you as sensitively as I can about what I see may be going on, with the aim of positive integration.

But how you process that information and emotion ultimately is up to you. (For tips on emotional integration, see this post on self-care.)

A consultation in these terms also helps to prevent the drift toward idolization that can disempower a healing journey. Kill your idols, etc. We are all here on our own own path: my role is simply to help you find, explore, settle into it—to locate yourself, as it were, by holding a mirror. Not to tell you what to do.

Of course, please take what you hear, from anyone, with a big ole hunk of salt. Always consider your own needs and make up your mind for yourself. Astrology guides, informs—it never dictates.

How astrology helps

At times, trained, professional therapeutic support is the next best step. But if you’re not dealing with immediate pressing issues—in this era of pay-your-own-way for health care: why not consult an alternative practitioner? Astrology can offer a kind of guidance not available elsewhere, because it arises from and is based on your own individual path.

Astrology is a remarkable tool for self-understanding. As Steven Forrest notes in this interview with the wonderful Nadiya Shah (his point starts at about 7:15), in the best sense, it can be “soul healing”—the root meaning of our word “psychotherapy,” from the Ancient Greek.

Aside from the natal chart, it’s also excellent for getting a handle on what’s happening for you in the moment, this year, the next several years. Transits reveal significant overall life patterns and can help in avoiding drama or catastrophe (like getting in an argument or attempting major renovation on a Mars square day: it’s unlikely to end well—speaking from experience here).

Transits also help when coming to terms with the inevitable ups and downs in relationships—as well as possibly deciding whether to invest at all. (A flirtation during Venus retrograde that disappears when Venus goes direct? It’s happened more than once.)

To my mind, one of astrology’s gifts is simply the knowledge that transits end. Good or bad, external circumstances pass, new patterns and circumstances arise. If you’re going through a rough (or productive!) period, we can identify what’s happening in your planetary transits and look at ways to positively channel that energy—as well as when it will ease.

Bottom line: astrology has been such an incredibly insightful, practical tool for me personally that this is one of my primary motivations for wanting to share knowledge of astrology with others.

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June 2020

The value of astrology

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