Integrating astrology’s insights

The insights gained through astrology, or any kind of inner work, can be profound and may take time to settle. Take time to process—there’s no need to rush. In my “other” life, I’ve worked as a health writer and editor for 15 years. I’ve also practiced vinyasa yoga for over a decade. Here are a few astrology-based health tips for integrating what you may discover in a reading.

Working through emotions

Earth signs may prefer more grounded approaches. To help work through emotions that may come up, consider a slow, restorative yoga class, gardening, or chatting with a good friend. Ditto hanging at home in pajamas, getting some knitting in, cuddling with your pets, taking a bath with Epsom salts and essential oils, or watching a cathartic movie.

Miles, a handsome black Lab-Dane mix, wearing a wide smile while on a hike, along with his red neckerchief.

More intense physical exercise, like running or vinyasa yoga, may be a better fit for Fire signs, or those (like myself) who are Mars-influenced or prone to anxiety or ruminating. Yoga in general has immense benefits for overall mental and physical health; for those who need more, the more physically intense forms of yoga, such as hot or vinyasa yoga, can be amazing.

If you’re an Air sign, introverted, or spiritually inclined: journaling, meditation, or—if you can—walking in nature are all excellent options. More meditative creative outlets—painting, drawing, poetry or song writing—as well as anything near water (swimming, or hiking near streams) can be wonderful for Water signs and Neptunian types as well.

For all signs, if you find comfort processing with others, I suggest energy work with a Cancer/Ceres type—a practitioner who’s in tune with the body and comfortable with emotions. In the Hudson Valley, I personally recommend Katherine Manaan in Saugerties and True Light Healing in Kingston. Massage and acupuncture can be great too—but if a stranger’s touch or needles make you nervous, by all means, don’t force it. Try to tune into your instincts and choose healing modalities that make you feel great, without discomfort.

Finding support

Astrological consultations can be remarkably helpful. But at times, trained, professional support is the next best step. If you’re dealing with trauma, dissociation, addiction, or other serious issues: prioritize as much as possible finding nurturing help. Check out 12-step or other local or online group support programs. Call a local rape crisis or LGBTQ support center for suggestions. RAINN is a wonderful resource. Ask around among understanding people you know for recommendations.

I would not personally suggest settling for the first name your insurance offers. Instead, take the time to look for a counselor or service provider you genuinely connect with, socially as well as emotionally and intellectually. (Counseling from the YWCA in Chicago, back in the day, has helped most for me. Work with a lady Jungian psychotherapist in Berkeley—covered by insurance, further back in the day—also helped dramatically.) Only you can know what is right for you, but I urge anyone dealing with a serious issue to keep on keeping on until they find something that works. There are good options out there, though it may take some persistence to find them.

Finally, as I’ve written in another post, be sure take what you hear, from anyone, with a big ole hunk of salt. Consistently check in to consider your own needs and emotional state. Make a habit of self-nurturing as much as you can—do something nurturing or even luxurious for yourself, however small, every day.

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Integrating astrology’s insights